Why Has Nothing Been Done?

Edgwick Park, Coventry

Earlier this year there was a disturbing report in the Coventry Telegraph:  young people in Edgwick Park, Coventry, have been groomed by older men for sexual activity by means of drugs and alcohol. Two girls reported they had been raped in the area.

The headline asked ‘Why Has Nothing Been Done?’

In August churches in the Foleshill district are determining to make a difference and do something. We are running Foleshill Jesus Festival, a week of impacting the neighbourhood and individual lives by showing and telling many about Jesus.

The week will include lots of fun and friendship! Activities will be centred on a marquee in Edgwick Park and will include a children’s holiday club, sport in the park, evangelism, healing prayer as well as evening events in the marquee:  prayer, worship, music, drama and a gospel message.

Foleshill is a lively, multi-ethnic, multi-faith area; small shops line the busy main street and are open till late in the evening. During the days and long summer evenings, both streets and park are full of vibrant, bustling life.  Often incomers to Coventry arrive first in Foleshill and food stalls spread across the wide pavements, laden with exotic foods from all over the world.

We want to display the love of Jesus in Foleshill and tell many people about Him and what He has done for us. We’ve been praying at the site of where the marquee will stand and posting leaflets advertising the festival. Do come and join us! It’s going to be awesome. Something is being done!

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