Visiting Calais- the search for a home.

october 15 020It’s not something I often do, stand in front of 200 people, talk and then be surrounded by my church family as they pray for me. But a friend and I had had an inspiration which seemed to catch hold of something in others and they  wanted to support us.

Our inspiration? To go to the refugee camp in Calais and get to know some of the refugees there. We just got so sick and tired of a government and nation who were reluctant to welcome those in need that we had to DO something. (Thankfully the mood in the nation has since changed). Jesus gave dignity and affirmation to those who society most rejected and that’s what we wanted to do.

One of the main things that struck us in our time there wasn’t the awful sanitation or cramped and basic living conditions, but the friendliness of everyone there. We were welcomed into homes (wooden framed room with a mattress and chair), fed precious (but lovely!) Eritrean food and generally welcomed with a generosity of heart that puts most of us to shame! And as we worshiped with a group of Eritrean women we could have been in heaven.

The thing it has taught me most, seeing their hunger for family and home, is to value the family in Jesus that I so easily undervalue. What I was surrounded with on that Sunday morning before I went, the spirit connection, the care from people from all walks of life, that is something that so many are searching for and that I am so blessed to have found. I really haven’t got God all worked out and being a Christian can drive me to distraction at times, but  I’ve been reminded that despite all that, God creates a depth of connection between us that can’t be found anywhere else, a true home.

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