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small world

small world

It’s September and we’re starting a new term of ESOL classes at the Jesus Centre here in Coventry. Students are coming in to register and I’m greeted by a wide-smiling African face and a greeting in broken English: “Do you remember me? I met you in Calais.” Well, the memory doesn’t always serve me well. I saw many such friendly African faces when I visited Calais earlier this year but, no worries, I’m delighted to see him and he’s now a regular in the class.

Meanwhile, one Sunday afternoon earlier this month, one of our Iranian guys asked me to pray for a rather distressed young refugee in Greece. After a brief conversation followed by a prayer over Skype, I said to her, “If you ever manage to get to England, come to Coventry Jesus Centre. You are most welcome!” I couldn’t believe it when, the very next week, she walked in the door at the beginning or our Sunday service. She, too, was smiling all over and, with no words but a look of glee, pointed to a small cross around her neck.

I’ve turned 61 this week but I can’t help thinking the adventure of walking with Jesus is getting more exciting. I mean, whoever will walk through these doors and into our lives next?

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