Persian Plunge

Iranians being baptisedWe’re looking forward to baptising Reza, Fari and Roya on Saturday 31st January. All of them are Iranians who have found faith in Jesus in the UK.

God definitely seems to be at work among Iranians as the picture shows.

In case you can’t read the small print, it says

The plight of imprisoned pastors like Saeed Abidini make headlines, but the world’s number 9 persecutor of Christians is also seeing record conversions. Last year, 228 former Muslims took part in what Elam Ministries calls the Iranian church’s largest baptism in centuries. Elam expects thousands more as the Islamic government’s crackdown on Christianity backfires, making the faith more intriguing to Iranians disillusioned with theocracy. In other words, Jesus – ┬áthe enemy of their enemy – is becoming their friend.

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