London Here We Come!


Once a year our local church here in Coventry join up with the rest of the Jesus Fellowship congregations from across the UK to march through central London. It’s a day that we look forward to, over 1000 people taking to the streets, singing dancing and having a party in Trafalgar Square, not something you do everyday!┬áThis year we’re expecting even more folks than before and the weather forecast looks good.

One of the challenges for the church today is to break down the walls that we can hide behind. It’s easy for us to get together on Sundays or for our midweek church events and hope that people turn up. But that’s not what its about. Jesus tells us to go into the world and make disciples.

There were times of persecution when the early christians in the bible met in secret, behind closed doors. They were scared they’d be found by the authorities but even then there were men and women ready to tell the world about the saving power of Jesus.

We live in a society that allows us to speak out about what we believe and more than that, to celebrate in public the mind blowing fact that we can have a relationship with God. We’re demonstrators of the Kingdom to a world crying out for something solid to hold on to.

So come and join in. If you cant make it this Saturday, there’s plenty of other opportunities to get involved. Be part of something amazing! Join the revolution!

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