So This is Outreach? An Indoor Bonfire . . .

Warm Welcome

Dusk is settling, the crowds of children attending Sport in the Park have gone and the smell of the world’s cuisines fills the night time air in Foleshill. People are sitting chatting along the roadsides and at the edge of the park.

Inside the Golden Marquee a makeshift ‘bonfire’ is being made, a large pile of logs covered in twinkling lights, surrounded by old pallets to sit on. Baked potatoes are being handed around and yes … people are coming. All day we have been issuing invitations to this ‘Warm Welcome’ and now they come, people from many different nationalities:  Romanian, Italian, African, Indian, Afghan, Iranian and English too!

The Romanians love their music and someone is playing a guitar. Others are playing games. Marshmallows are being toasted on a tea light and passed around. Children are laughing; old men are chatting; women young and old are enjoying making friends.

Everyone is enjoying this ‘Warm Welcome around our makeshift ‘bonfire’.  This is church; this is outreach.

It’s getting dark now and it’s time to go home. What a great crowd! See you tomorrow everyone! Come and bring your friends –come and enjoy our Indian, Romanian and English music night at the marquee!

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