Reflections on Foleshill Jesus Festival

Edgwick Park, Coventry MarqueeFoleshill Jesus Festival is over now. The marquee is being taken down and no doubt tomorrow there will be a big brown patch in the grass on the park where it has stood for the last week.

On Friday night we enjoyed ‘Music Live’ – a mixture of Romanian, English and Indian music played by some of our young talented musicians! On Saturday morning some of us went and cleared the park – collecting several bags of rubbish – just a gesture, a way of showing, like Jesus, we want to love and serve.

Yesterday night was brilliant: many visitors from all over Foleshill visited the marquee. We listened to a testimony of what Jesus has done, heard a message about the life-changing power of the Cross of Jesus and listened to more Romanian music – and this time from Iran as well. One Indian visitor told us of how, sometime ago, God had healed her of a kidney problem; another Romanian lad spoke of how, as a baby, God had healed him of a heart condition. Someone was baptised – and what great rejoicing there was!

This morning we thanked God for His amazing goodness; a young man told us of a dream they had had last night – there was darkness and death everywhere but ahead of them was Jesus the Light of the World; in the dream he walked towards Him – the Light – and around Jesus everything was living! Someone else was baptised and again we gathered around to witness one of the most beautiful events anyone can experience in their life.

Someone we met came into the marquee and fetched a Bible we had ready for them. Another approached us to thank us for praying for healing for him. It had made a big difference he said, smiling.

Yes, there will be a big brown patch on the park for a few days where the marquee stood. Then it will fade. But, we believe, people’s lives have been deeply affected – not just for a few days but for life. Many have heard God’s Word and hopefully, seen His word, among us. For them, life will never be the same.

(Article by Julia Faire)

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  1. We really enjoyed coming to the Saturday evening event. It was lovely evangelising in the park prior to the meeting.
    I really esteem you Coventry, Jesus Fellowship saints for doing this. A big ‘well done’!

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