So What’s Happening on Sunday Nights at Jesus Fellowship Church Coventry?

Bethan and CoFor many years, we’d been gathering together at the Coventry Jesus Centre for a cafe style event, known as Solid Rock Cafe. It had worked well for a long time and for many people, it was their main experience of church. It included all the right ingredients – worship, prayer, gospel presentation, coffee – all in the informal setting of a cafe.

Often, it was a chance to chat and catch up with friends.

Solid Rock Cafe at a Coventry Church

Piers and Gareth

The band would sing a mixture of worship songs and message songs.SRC Band Singing

Sometimes, we’d sing some deep, theologically rich hymns, like this one.

Churches in Coventry sing deep theological songs like this


The aim was to bring people to new life in Jesus. On the first Sunday of each month we’d have a celebration meeting which would often include baptisms.


For many it was a great opportunity to serve.

Serving tea at Solid Rock Cafe in Coventry

Solid Rock Cafe was great way to express church in more accessible way.

However, we recently came to the conclusion that the event had run its course. It had served its purpose and it was time to try something different.

Most of our Sunday evenings are now ‘flexible outreach’. All of us in the church are encouraged to reach out to people in Coventry in a way that works for them. I guess it’s part of becoming all things to all men – doing outreach in a way that connects with different types of people. So far, this has included:

  • Pancake party
  • Basic bible study for seekers
  • Music evening
  • Contemplative worship
  • Chatting to people on the street
  • Prayer walk
  • Acoustic evening
  • Creative approaches to worship
  • Visiting people we haven’t seen for a while
  • Teaching about baptism

And for some people, they’ve just taken the night off to recharge their batteries!

So, no more Solid Rock Cafe.  Like many churches in Coventry, we want to be open to God’s direction in reaching out to people. He’s doing a new thing.