Reflections on Foleshill Jesus Festival

Edgwick Park, Coventry MarqueeFoleshill Jesus Festival is over now. The marquee is being taken down and no doubt tomorrow there will be a big brown patch in the grass on the park where it has stood for the last week.

On Friday night we enjoyed ‘Music Live’ – a mixture of Romanian, English and Indian music played by some of our young talented musicians! On Saturday morning some of us went and cleared the park – collecting several bags of rubbish – just a gesture, a way of showing, like Jesus, we want to love and serve.

Yesterday night was brilliant: many visitors from all over Foleshill visited the marquee. We listened to a testimony of what Jesus has done, heard a message about the life-changing power of the Cross of Jesus and listened to more Romanian music – and this time from Iran as well. One Indian visitor told us of how, sometime ago, God had healed her of a kidney problem; another Romanian lad spoke of how, as a baby, God had healed him of a heart condition. Someone was baptised – and what great rejoicing there was!

This morning we thanked God for His amazing goodness; a young man told us of a dream they had had last night – there was darkness and death everywhere but ahead of them was Jesus the Light of the World; in the dream he walked towards Him – the Light – and around Jesus everything was living! Someone else was baptised and again we gathered around to witness one of the most beautiful events anyone can experience in their life.

Someone we met came into the marquee and fetched a Bible we had ready for them. Another approached us to thank us for praying for healing for him. It had made a big difference he said, smiling.

Yes, there will be a big brown patch on the park for a few days where the marquee stood. Then it will fade. But, we believe, people’s lives have been deeply affected – not just for a few days but for life. Many have heard God’s Word and hopefully, seen His word, among us. For them, life will never be the same.

(Article by Julia Faire)

So This is Outreach? An Indoor Bonfire . . .

Warm Welcome

Dusk is settling, the crowds of children attending Sport in the Park have gone and the smell of the world’s cuisines fills the night time air in Foleshill. People are sitting chatting along the roadsides and at the edge of the park.

Inside the Golden Marquee a makeshift ‘bonfire’ is being made, a large pile of logs covered in twinkling lights, surrounded by old pallets to sit on. Baked potatoes are being handed around and yes … people are coming. All day we have been issuing invitations to this ‘Warm Welcome’ and now they come, people from many different nationalities:  Romanian, Italian, African, Indian, Afghan, Iranian and English too!

The Romanians love their music and someone is playing a guitar. Others are playing games. Marshmallows are being toasted on a tea light and passed around. Children are laughing; old men are chatting; women young and old are enjoying making friends.

Everyone is enjoying this ‘Warm Welcome around our makeshift ‘bonfire’.  This is church; this is outreach.

It’s getting dark now and it’s time to go home. What a great crowd! See you tomorrow everyone! Come and bring your friends –come and enjoy our Indian, Romanian and English music night at the marquee!

Why Has Nothing Been Done?

Edgwick Park, Coventry

Earlier this year there was a disturbing report in the Coventry Telegraph:  young people in Edgwick Park, Coventry, have been groomed by older men for sexual activity by means of drugs and alcohol. Two girls reported they had been raped in the area.

The headline asked ‘Why Has Nothing Been Done?’

In August churches in the Foleshill district are determining to make a difference and do something. We are running Foleshill Jesus Festival, a week of impacting the neighbourhood and individual lives by showing and telling many about Jesus.

The week will include lots of fun and friendship! Activities will be centred on a marquee in Edgwick Park and will include a children’s holiday club, sport in the park, evangelism, healing prayer as well as evening events in the marquee:  prayer, worship, music, drama and a gospel message.

Foleshill is a lively, multi-ethnic, multi-faith area; small shops line the busy main street and are open till late in the evening. During the days and long summer evenings, both streets and park are full of vibrant, bustling life.  Often incomers to Coventry arrive first in Foleshill and food stalls spread across the wide pavements, laden with exotic foods from all over the world.

We want to display the love of Jesus in Foleshill and tell many people about Him and what He has done for us. We’ve been praying at the site of where the marquee will stand and posting leaflets advertising the festival. Do come and join us! It’s going to be awesome. Something is being done!

Sewing at the Centre

Dress a girl around the world!

Sewing at the Centre

Sewing at the Centre

Thought you might like to see some of the dresses we’ve been making at the Friday night creative evening. They are for a group called Dress a Girl Around the World who provide simple patterns and get the dresses to the girls who need them most.

We’ve been using old clothing, random fabric and even pillowcases can be converted! If you want to know when the next creative evening at the Centre is (usually once a month) you can find us here.

Friday Nights with the Jesus Fellowship

friday night calendarNext week we start our new program of Friday night clubs and groups at the Jesus Centre.

The cafe will be open from 6:45pm with activities starting from 7pm. All the groups and courses are free and everyone is welcome. To find out more call reception on 024 7655 0033

New Friends!

Our New Friends course is starting up on Wednesday 25th September through to the 6th November. Every week at the Coventry Jesus Centre we’ll be getting together on a Wednesday evening to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and discover what it means to follow Jesus.

It’s an informal evening with a free meal provided along with with videos and helpful guides with the opportunities to ask some of the big questions about life, God and the world we live in.

If you want to find out more call the Jesus Centre on 02476 550033 or email and we’ll get back to you.

Here’s a short film taken from last years New Friends

New Friends

London Here We Come!


Once a year our local church here in Coventry join up with the rest of the Jesus Fellowship congregations from across the UK to march through central London. It’s a day that we look forward to, over 1000 people taking to the streets, singing dancing and having a party in Trafalgar Square, not something you do everyday! This year we’re expecting even more folks than before and the weather forecast looks good.

One of the challenges for the church today is to break down the walls that we can hide behind. It’s easy for us to get together on Sundays or for our midweek church events and hope that people turn up. But that’s not what its about. Jesus tells us to go into the world and make disciples.

There were times of persecution when the early christians in the bible met in secret, behind closed doors. They were scared they’d be found by the authorities but even then there were men and women ready to tell the world about the saving power of Jesus.

We live in a society that allows us to speak out about what we believe and more than that, to celebrate in public the mind blowing fact that we can have a relationship with God. We’re demonstrators of the Kingdom to a world crying out for something solid to hold on to.

So come and join in. If you cant make it this Saturday, there’s plenty of other opportunities to get involved. Be part of something amazing! Join the revolution!