Reflections on Foleshill Jesus Festival

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Foleshill Jesus Festival is over now. The marquee is being taken down and no doubt tomorrow there will be a big brown patch in the grass on the park where it has stood for the last week. On Friday night we enjoyed ‘Music Live’ – a mixture of Romanian, English and Indian music played by […]

So This is Outreach? An Indoor Bonfire . . .

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Dusk is settling, the crowds of children attending Sport in the Park have gone and the smell of the world’s cuisines fills the night time air in Foleshill. People are sitting chatting along the roadsides and at the edge of the park. Inside the Golden Marquee a makeshift ‘bonfire’ is being made, a large pile of […]

Why Has Nothing Been Done?

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Earlier this year there was a disturbing report in the Coventry Telegraph:  young people in Edgwick Park, Coventry, have been groomed by older men for sexual activity by means of drugs and alcohol. Two girls reported they had been raped in the area. The headline asked ‘Why Has Nothing Been Done?’ In August churches in the […]

At Least Once a Year

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A wise member of our congregation once advised us that we should preach about 1 Corinthians 13 at least once a year. Yesterday was one of those ‘at least once’ occasions. James reminded us that the Corinthian church was the original messy church! It consisted of disunity, immorality, drunkenness, pride, confusion about spiritual gifts and […]

Standing Side by Side With the Persecuted

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Last week at our Saturday night celebration, 150 people witnessed a new Christian getting baptised. We clapped, danced, we sang praises to God! But we’re not putting any photos on the internet. Why not? Christianity is a Dangerous Business In England, becoming a Christian is relatively safe. You may get a bit of opposition but you’re […]