Calais to Coventry

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After going to the Calais regugee camp several times in the last year I wanted to get involved in a more sustainable way. So I’ve been helping out at some of the ESOL classes at the Jesus Centre. I’ve enjoyed it but I’ve recently become a lot more aware of how important they really are. […]

Muddy faces!

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  We had a great kids ‘splot’ at church this week…The kids got to have their faces painted with mud. My boys dream come true!! After talking about what the mud did to them (dirty, rough, uncomfortable, disgusting) they were encouraged to think about what sin does to us on the inside and how it’s […]

Thank you!

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We’re off to the Calais refugee and migrant camp again and this time we’re taking food parcels – we’re travelling as I write! Thank you so much to those of you in the congregation who have contributed food items, empty bottles for cooking oil and prayers. There are 8 of us this time and we’re […]

Dress a girl around the world!

Dress a girl around the world!

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Thought you might like to see some of the dresses we’ve been making at the Friday night creative evening. They are for a group called Dress a Girl Around the World who provide simple patterns and get the dresses to the girls who need them most. We’ve been using old clothing, random fabric and even […]

Visiting Calais- the search for a home.

Visiting Calais- the search for a home.

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It’s not something I often do, stand in front of 200 people, talk and then be surrounded by my church family as they pray for me. But a friend and I had had an inspiration which seemed to catch hold of something in others and they ¬†wanted to support us. Our inspiration? To go to […]